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The Futures Tourney

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On Sunday, the 2nd string wrestlers went to battle at the annual Future's tournament hosted this year by Roger Williams University. Wesleyan brought 6 wrestlers: Mike Baratz, Zach Larabee, Richard Leuchter, Dave Amrhein, and Jacob Sheffer. Austin Frank was the lone placer with a 3rd place finish at heavyweight.

Austin Frank started off the day by facing Adam Datema of Williams. In the tight match, Frank scored three escapes, but was unable to fend off two takedowns from Datema. Coming into the end of the match, Frank had Datema in a front headlock and nearly scored a takedown to send the match into overtime. Frank lost the match 5-3. Frank then wrestled teammate Dave Amrhein winning 3-1. Frank followed with a tight win over George Madosky of Johnson and Wales University (JWU) by getting the winning takedown in overtime. In the consolation finals, Frank had a rematch against Datema, who he lost to in his first match, but this time Frank wrestled at a whole new level. Frank's instensity was unmatched by his opponent, which translated into Frank taking down Datema twice and never letting Datema close to his legs.

Also at heavyweight, Dave Amrhein wrestled his first match again Michael Cyr of Trinity. Although down early in the first period, Dave displayed lots of fight as he used funk and scrambling techniques to reverse his opponent twice from bottom. However, that did not prove to be enough as he lost 12-5. Dave then lost to teammate Austin Frank.

Also at heavyweight, Jacob Sheffer first wrestled Kyle McGuire of Trinity. This proved to be a tough match with Sheffer losing 3-1. McGuire ended up winning the tournament. However, in the the 1st consolation round, Sheffer rebounded by employing several single-leg takedowns to win by a solid score of 8-3 over Maldonado of Norwich. Up next for Sheffer was a match against Adam Datema of Williams. Wrestling well, the match was close and Sheffer showed great motion and intensity on his feet and rode tough with a cross-body leg-ride on top. However, Sheffer was caught off one of his shots in neutral and was pinned.

At 149, Zach Larabee proved to be the most exciting wrestler of the day. After losing his first match, Larabee wrestled Joey Holbeche of RWU. Although it was a competitve bout on their feet, on top Larabee proved to be lethal. Larabee locked up a tight far side cradle, while Holbeche was on his base, rolled through and pinned his opponent at 3:25. The pins did not stop there as Larabee in his next match proved to be Wesleyan's most dangerous wrestler from the bottom position. In his match against a JWU wrestler, from the bottom position, Larabee sat out, pressured back into his opponent and grabbed his opponent's head until Larabee was flat on his opponent who was flat on his back. Larabee gained the defensive pin at 3:25. This move does not have a name but will from now on be referred to as "the Larabee." In his next match, Larabee wrestled another person from JWU. In the high scoring match, Larabee was in the bottom position was being tilted, yet he somehow managed to get his opponent into a headlock. With a tight headlock, the JWU wrestler seemed to be pinned, but the referee did not call one, and the JWU wrestler tapped out. Larabee received for the back exposure 4 points instead of the usual 3 due to the tapout. However, that did not prove to be enough as he lost 14-11. Zach Larabee proved on Sunday that he is a very dangerous wrestler from the bottom position and has usurped Gideon Levy of his unofficial title of being the team's best defensive pinner.

At 157, Mike Baratz went 0-2, but wrestled with tough defense.

Also at 157, Richard Leuchter had to withdraw from the tournament due to injury. This caused him to go 0-1.

Here are the brackets:
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