Friday, February 17, 2012

Changing Habits....

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       I have a love/hate relationship with the kitchen. I love it because we always gather there for meals, chats, and  just hang out and play games. It's warm and comforting. It is a safe place to tell your secrets, share your fears and enjoy a good meal or snack all at the same time.
     I hate it because it is my place of weakness. It is where sugary cookies and salty cheese hang out. For many years I would sneak in at night and give in to my greedy friends. I would tell them my secrets and insecurities but they wouldn't reward me with wise words. They would give me guilt, high cholesterol and many added pounds to my petite figure.

     Then I met my husband. We were a perfect match. His love was meat and potatoes, mine was juicy and mayonnaise laden BLT sandwiches. Then we had three children and passed down our love of food to them. We were showing the boys that love was food. Love was crispy toast, hot, greasy bacon and it enveloped our family like a bad disease. Until one day it clicked.

     My husband came home from coaching football practice and showed his concern for our youngest. He always came in last during the laps and the other kids were starting to make fun of him. We had to stop this cycle before his health got really out of hand and make a lifestyle change.

     It was hard at first. It was hard to remove the foods that we loved and craved from the house and switch them over to healthier versions. Fruit and veggies now became part of our beloved  family while we "disowned" the bad eggs....bacon, white breads, potatoes and all the cookies and candies were banished from the house. We did it though. We made the change necessary for our family's health and we couldn't feel better, literally and physically!

     My husband has lost 70 pounds, I have lost 20 pounds and the kids are no longer last in laps. Goodbye BLT's, hello veggie wraps!!!


writingdianet said...

You are awesome! I know you read my BLT post. We too had our "wake up" moment. Started eating healthier. Less processed food. More whole and homemade foods. Less meat. No more fast food. We avoid high fructose corn syrup and transfat. I lost 20 pounds IMMEDIATELY without even exercising. Wow!
All this to say, I'm with you. I hear you. Way to change your life and your family's for the better:)

Lindy Phippen Smith said...

I love that you shared this. Great job. A unique take on the prompt.

Jen Has A Pen said...

What an AWESOME story! I'm inspired. Food is love for me. Passionate love. But I know better, want to do better, and then give in a day after slamming my fist on the desk. Great job, and great story!

Anonymous said...

This was inspiring!

I have to admit, I've spent most of the last decade giving up and switching out. While I'm a bit healthier - most of the time - I don't have the willpower to get rid of the bad eggs completely!

lovemyspy said...

Thank you all for the kind words! I am so glad I found "write on edge"! It has helped me in many ways!! :)