Friday, January 27, 2012

Writing Prompt: Personification

Slam, Dunk

                 He's late today. That is not a good sign. I know from previous experiences that he gets all flustered 
when he is late and takes it out on me. Uh, oh, there he is. Hmm, he doesn't look all that grumpy today.
  Quiet, quiet, here he comes...ugh! his hands are freezing! Here we go...bounce, bounce...his hands aren't to 
 tense, so that is a good sign. Bounce, bounce, he's laughing now with his friends, another good sign. He's passing me back and forth gently. They all seem to be in a good mood today. I hope I was wrong about his mood. Well here's the final test, he shoots, WHOOSH!!!  He (or I, however you want to look at it), made the basket! High five's all around! Oh yeah, today will be a good practice!
~~This is my first time doing a prompt from, so forgive me if it is a little short, I'm a little nervous, LOL!! And yes, my terrified little guy is my son's basketball.

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