Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Happy New Year!

Well, so far it started out crappy! Out of the blue, I was knocked down by a horrible cold and spent the whole weekend in bed! So, up today and started off with a brisk walk with Chris. We have been out of our routine cause of his bad back and the Holidays so we are regrouping and getting back on track. Zak was home for 2 weeks and is now back at school and hopefully well enough to wrestle. I struggle with him being in college. I guess it is because I was there once and I know first hand what goes on there. I know I need to let him go but I am such a worrier.....

Our New Year's resolutions include keeping on track with our weight loss and getting organized, both in the house and with our finances. Wish us luck.......

The kids are all back at school, thank God! So off to tackle laundry, cleaning and back to the library today!

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