Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dentist Drama

Took Sammy to the dentist for the 100th time (well, it feels like the 100th time) this month to get cavities filled. The first time was a regular checkup, the second was to fill the cavities but Sam had a meltdown and had to reschedule. Then he only did one that time cause he didn't want to traumatize him. I mean, I do agree with his rationalization but going every week is a pain in the ass for me! Now, after yesterday's trip, he has an abscess on one of his tooth's that is loose and a baby tooth to boot, and we have to go see an oral surgeon to have it pulled. This is the same surgeon that pulled another one and we had to "knock" Sam out and I do have to admit the outcome was funny...he was my little drunken midget!!! Hopefully the tooth will come out on its own in the meantime......

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