Wednesday, October 06, 2010

emotional, busy week

One of my best friends has breast cancer. I have accepted that. Now we need to get thru this "treatment" quickly. We went to the "wig" shop saturday and after many trials of brunettes, darks and even blondes, we settled on one that is most like her hair now....that process done. Monday was her first Chemo treatment. She had a long day, trouble getting her iv in her but she finally made it home. Tuesday, she walked with me, cleaned her bathroom, mopped floors, did her typing for work and got up this morning and walked again!!! We are going to call her A-Rod, cause she is like him on steroids!!! But I have a feeling she is going to crash and burn, either today, tomorrow or Friday. She is positive though and I think that may help her. So 1 treatment down, 3 to go.........

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