Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Oprah, Why??

I just thought for sure that you were going to pick The Help, for your book of choice this month. You let me down. I thought I could enjoy one, just one, of the book picks, but picked this:

While I have nothing against this book, I know how you operate Miss O. It will probably be long, drawn out, looking into the human spirit kind of crap. But guess what? You sucked in as usual and I will be buying this book this weekend. Thanks, Oprah. Thanks.

Okay. I just watched the show, I take it back. You did have a couple of books on the list that I have read and loved. Where the heart is...Wally Lamb books...Pillars of the Earth (although I haven't read this one, I'm watching it right now on Netflix and it is fabulous!!). So Oprah, my friend, my love/hate relationship does continue with you..happy reading!

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