Sunday, August 22, 2010

Word for the month....


This has been such a busy month. Our trip to Disney World was a success!! We drove down to Florida in a rented Town & Country ( I LOVED it!) and there were no fights! It absolutely amazed was probably the hottest weather we have ever experienced but we managed to keep it together. Then on the way home we stopped in South Carolina to spend the night at Mary's house. We had such a good time....then off the next day for another 14 hour drive home. It was sooo worth it!!!!

Then, one day of rest and my sister and her family were here for two weeks! They also drove, must be the year of the car LOL, so it has been crazy! Football has also started , the Jamboree is next Sunday and school starts that week as well! I have to get on the ball for school supply shopping!! It was a short, hot, fun summer!!!!

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