Monday, July 12, 2010

Bay State Games 2010

We left for Boston on Friday and had our first "college Tour" at Boston University. While we were sitting there listening to the lady telling us all about the clubs, activities and travel that the school has I couldn't help but wish it was me going to school. That is my one and only regret in life that I didn't take my college years at Virginia Intermont more seriously. I hope I can stress this to Zak that this is his one and only shot...make it a good one!!

Then we headed over to Umass for wrestling. Including Zak thhere were 5 kids total from his team. He and Josh made it to the finals and Zak ended up 4th but never did get to face Mak. But he was happy with the outcome and I met the coach from Bridgewater University. He seeems interested in Zak so we may have to check that one out....

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