Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unwanted House Guest

Yes, we have had the pleasure of "The Unwanted house guest". He is mean, violent, smelly and an inconvenient pain in the ass! Yes, Christopher had the stomach bug on Sunday, I thought I got rid of him and then in the early hours of Wednesday he slithered back in and attacked me! I haven't thrown up like that since, well I'm sure there was alcohol involved so we will leave that one alone.....then he has the nerve to attack Sammy. 15 times my poor baby threw up and had diarrhea, poor Chris, he had to clean it up! So, I am doing ok today. My sides feel like I have done a marathon workout, but Sammy is still miserable! The only good thing to come of this is we haven't eaten in 2 days but I am feeling my appetite is coming back. I hear a milkshake calling me!!!

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