Saturday, June 12, 2010

3-D Movies

So, I have never sat thru a 3-D movie before. Yes, I have been to the Tree of Life at Disney and watched that AWESOME show, but never have sat thru a full fledged movie. I'm torn. At first I thought, this is awesome, it is so cool, wow. Then my eyes started to hurt. Sam was making grunting noises and I thought, oh no, a repeat of our Stomach Bug week....then we settled into it and relaxed and it was ok. Then we had to end it with a fast paced fight scene and my eyes hurt again. Then the credits rolled and I was like ok this is not so bad, so creative, so high-tech........So, I'm still torn. I'll have to wait till the next one. Oh yeah, this was Shrek III and the next one will be Toy Story III, where is my crazy faced smiley when you need it.....

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