Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jr /Sr. Prom

So, Zak went to his Prom Friday night. I have to admit I was not really into it because he wasn't going with his girlfriend, Danielle. They were "broken up" at the time everyone was "gathering" their dates and tickets together so he ended up going with his friends sister. I was a little nervous, emotional, and proud all at the same time. His group of friends rented a School Bus to drive them, very creative I thought :)! And I saw all these kids who I have known since pre-school, turn into very handsome young men and women. Zak actually caught me crying behind the will I make it thru his graduation next year. I will definitely have to be medicated. He went, he saw and he conquered, and he was home 10 minutes before his curfew! Gotta love that kid!!

And yes, he had to be the center of attention!!

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