Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My love for the Kindy's

I have been volunteering at the school library,twice a week since Sept. I enjoy it.

I love seeing the kids get excited about what they are going to read next and the ones who come in and Bear hug me, to the ones who just kinda stare at me and really creep me out.....

anyway, today, the Kindergarten class came in and the teacher always reads them a story. (She is my favorite teacher evah!!) so, at the end of the story she asks the class to tell her what the moral of the story was. Hands were raised quickly and one girl says, "it is about being who you are and liking it" Love it!!!! Mrs P. looks at me and we both beam, we love it when kids get it.

So J. raises his hand and says, "I want to be a fish".
V. says, "yeah, then a shark will eat you".

It was good while it lasted.

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