Friday, March 05, 2010

Dear Mrs. Bus Driver,

My name is Beth Larabee and my sons Christopher and Sam ride your bus everyday to school. For 6 months they have been on the bus and NOT ONCE have you told me about bad behavior coming from Sam. Then, out of the blue, I was called into the Principal's office and was told that you filed a complaint against Sam for punching/pushing a kid and you said "This is the last straw"! Well,, how do you expect me to correct his behavior if I am NOT aware of what is going on. I am outside with the boys every morning and NOT once have you called me over to the bus to discuss this with me. Not once have I gotten a phone call to let me know that this was going on. I have had a discussion with Sam about this and hopefully this will not happen again. I realize that you are not a babysitter but a little common courtesy would have been appreciated in this matter.

Thank you,
Beth Larabee

Well, you should have seen the look I got when I handed this to her this morning. Oh well, better a letter than me pulling her out of the bus by her ponytail!! I guess I know where Sam gets his temper now HUH?

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