Friday, February 19, 2010

Being there vs. not being there

Zak is at States right now. He left yesterday with the team and Chris went this morning. He just called and said he lost his first match. I have been pacing back and forth, wearing a whole in my floor. At least if I were there, I could scream and yell like that obnoxious mother that everyone hates. You know the one. The one that yells at the refs. The one who wears loud colors. The one who thinks her kid is always in the right and the opponent is always wrong. I could be that mother. Just listen to some of our can hear me saying things like, "Zak, don't let him manhandle you like that"!! C'mon, Zak, You CAN do this"!! "What the hell kind of call was that?!"

Yeah, I'm better off home.

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