Monday, November 16, 2009

Values and Goals for the Holiday season

So, I'm taking this little online class called "Holidays in Hand" and my first assignment is to write or blog my values and goals for this season. Hmmmm.....this may take a few minutes. I know that one of my goals is to be more organized. I am trying because I have started a shopping list for the family and extended members of the family so that is a start. But I have also been fighting with Christopher because he says it is to early but I want to start shopping, he won't write a list out so a fight ensues.....So I guess that comes to Values. What is more important, trying to have an 11 yr old make a list for Santa (who I think doesn't believe anymore,) or spend time with him talking about the books he loves to read or the games he loves to play. So o.k., I get it. Another is that I am going to try and be more forgiving with family and try to reach out to more family members that we really don't connect with.....I am going to try and remember that the holiday season is for love and peace, not fighting or gossiping about others......

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