Friday, June 12, 2009


I kept my kids home from school today. They have spent all year getting ready for a "school wide CIRCUS". Now this is in lieu of a school play that only costs a couple of hundred of dollars and parents were welcome to see it. I found out that this "circus' costs a couple thousand, not open to the public, only wanted parents to line the street for the morning parade. The parade was cancelled yesterday because of impending rain today so not only did parents reschedule their day for the parade, now they will see nothing! I volunteered to work the Midway a couple of months ago cause I knew it was closed to parents and this way I could see it. I was told Tuesday that Volunteers were no longer needed!

As a side note, our Principal is retiring and the kids are supposed to sing her a song today. I think this whole thing was arranged as a going away party for herself. Sam told me the other day he "was going to lipsync cause I don't like her." So I made a parental decision and kept them home. Oh and Christopher was supposed to wear a red t-shirt, Sam a white tank top. But other classes are getting full makeup for the clowns and other things. Where did this money go? And to make matters worse, Every year the 4th grade gets to go to Ellis Island. It is like a right of passage for the kids. They all look forward to it. Not this year. We were told there was no money. Sunday, one of the 4th grade teachers told me they were just told that there was $30,000 in the student activity fund. But alas, do you think the teachers stood up for our kids and made a last minute decision to take the kids quickly. No.

I'm sorry this has gotten long. I am so frustrated. I thought about going in and talking to them but you have no idea about this town. My voice would be wasted on deaf ears.

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