Sunday, May 17, 2009


Why does this word make the strongest of people go weak, the weakest of people fall apart...the word itself is dreary, scary, devastating, thought provoking. Yes, that is it, Thought provoking! Because Chris had surgery on Friday and it certainly provoked the worst of thoughts from me. You always hear horrror stories about surgeries gone wrong, people dying, ending up in a coma, etc....and I do have quite the imaginative mind so it was thinking all these things! But the one thought that came through loud and clear is that I know I couldn't go on without Chris. I am not this strong person that everyone thinks I am. So, I'm not a woman of many words but I guess this is my love letter to Chris. I would die without you, wither away and become nothing. I love you. Just remember that.

Oh and it was just knee surgery but when you sit in the waiting room for 3 hours drinking iced coffee, it may as well have been a heart transplant. Note to self, no caffine next surgery...

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