Saturday, May 23, 2009

Busy week

What a week! Sam stayed home Monday from school cause I think he had a chocolate hangover from Rylin's Christening on Sunday. Then Tuesday, Christopher came home with an earache, so a quick trip to the doctor and sur' nuf, he has an ear infection! So come Thursday, Sam goes in for his "oral surgery". He had to have a tooth removed cause it wouldn't come out on its own and the dentist thought it might get infected. There is nothing funnier than a doped up 8 year old! The poor kid was so out of it. He kinda looked like me at the last wedding we attended. LOL! Then on to Friday. Christopher is a reporter for the KIDZCONNEXION and his second assignment was to go to the Springfield Museum and report on his day. We had a great time. They took us in to see "Grossology" that isn't opening until today and that made him feel like a hotshot!! We went to lunch at Red Robin...Yummmmm (are you singing the song in your head right now?) and then a quick trip to none other that Barnes and Noble! Christopher shares my passion for the written word.......

We then came home long enogh to change and then run off to Pownal VT. for a Wood Bat Classic game. Some of the 10 year olds got called up being that this is a Holiday weekend and some people go on what is that word? Oh yea, Family vacations! I forgot since it has been so long since I have been on one! Anyway, Christopher made an AWESOME catch and he just floated off the field, I was so proud!!

So they are off already for another game this morning and Zak has one this afternoon. We are also trying to oen the pool, always a pain in the ass, and hopefully get in some boating this weekend.

Whew! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!

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