Friday, April 03, 2009

Christopher was asked to be a reporter for a group called The Kids Connexion. His teacher picked him out of all the 4th graders and this is the first article he wrote. ( I'm still beaming!)

Cheshire school rocks!

Cheshire School is an amazing place. It is an excellent school to go to. Cheshire School is located in Cheshire, Massachusetts. Cheshire is a small town in the Berkshires. There are two hundred forty students in the whole school. It has prekindergarten to grade six. Everyone knows each other. We have many great programs here like, the O Ambassador program, the Greenhouse Club, Lego Club, and Kids Cook.

In the O Ambassadors Club we raise money for East Africa. The money we raise goes to a school in Kenya. The money supplies clean drinking water as well as supplies for their school. We have raised over two thousand dollars so far this year. Our school was picked by Oprah Winfrey to join the program after our principal, Mrs. St. John filled out an application and wrote an essay about Cheshire School. The thirty students that are in the club were picked by the teachers. Every teacher in the school sent names of the students that they thought would be good candidates. The names were put in a basket and thirty names were chosen.

In the spring we have a greenhouse club. We have a greenhouse in the back of the school that the students can plant plants for their gardens. The club meets once a week. Students in grades four, five and six are allowed to be in the club.

My favorite club is Lego club. In Lego Club kids work together in groups of two or three to create a Lego set. When the sets are complete we will auction them off to buy more Lego sets. My group is working on a Lego castle. It is difficult but FUN!

Another group our school has is, Kids Cook. It is a cooking show that is filmed at a local restaurant. Students In grades four, five, and six can sign up to participate. They go to the Basswater Grill where the chef teaches them how to cook various things. It is filmed by a parent who was trained by the local T.V. station. The program is then aired on television for everyone to see. The students that go really enjoy it, I think they like eating the food the best!

Our school is a great school because we have clubs and groups to join. The teachers are also nice. Everyone gets along with each other. It is a good place to be.

By Chris Larabee

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