Monday, December 15, 2008

I don't know if I told you about Zak's elbow, but he got hit, by my nephew no less, with a football helmet right to the elbow. He was out for the last 4 weeks of football and we have been seeing a orthopedic specialist. He told Zak on Thursday that he will give him the ok to wrestle but will probably need surgery in the spring. He has nerve damage. So Zak said ok cause wrestling is his favorite and he was so excited. But the Doctor also said if he was a betting man he wouldn't make it thru the season.

Jump ahead to Saturday. They had there first meet with 8 different schools. It was exciting! The one girl on their team pinned a guy and the place erupted!!!! My throat hurt from cheering

So I had to leave to work at Dad's store and Chris had to bring the other boys to their Basketball game. I get a phone call at 4:00 at the store and hear this soft voice say "Is Beth there"? I said Zak , it's me and he starts Bawling!!!!!!! He got hurt bad, his elbow, and it was awful. My heart was ripped from my chest to hear him like that I flew over to the school and brought him to the ER. I'm waiting right now to call his doctor to set up for surgery cause he is done for the season.

Sorry I went on so long. I didn't let out my feelings in front of him so I think they are all coming out today. He is crushed and I feel so bad for him.......

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