Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Long Labor Day weekend

Well, our summer has officially ended. Today will be spent filling up backpacks with back to school supplies (bought in a hurry last night, it always sneaks up on us!!) The Brazilians boarded the big plane last night and are on their way home. We went over Sunday to say goodbye and as usual, I choked up. I will miss those girls!!!

Yesterday, we had the Fooball Jamboree. It was held in North Adams this year and it went well. Sam got to be Quarterback and to my surprise he wasn't bad! When we got back home we went fishing on the boat for a little while and took Jackson out on his "Maiden Voyage". He was doing great up until we were docking the boat to get the car, he must have got nervous and peed on the boat. Oh well, what's a little urine between family!!!!!

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