Monday, April 14, 2008

The Man of my Dreams

I had purchased tickets for Michael Buble back in Febuary, so I told Chris that is all I wanted for Valentines day. Well Saturday was the concert and what a great night!! We dropped the kids off at Mom's after lunch then we drove up to Saratoga Race track back to the casino.....We went there last week and won a little bit so Chris was still feeling lucky! Well we only lost $60 so off to Albany. We stayed at The Crowne Plaza and the first experience was the elevator with no lights! Ok, do you realize how scary that was and I am claustrophobic!! Well, we checked in and the lady at the desk said MB was staying there, he was under a different I began freaking everyone out by staring at them to see if I could spot him!!! I could easily become a stalker! LOL!
We had dinner at the bar and it was fun, the Red Sox were on and there was a wedding, a bachelor party and some kids Choir all staying at the hotel! Off to The Times Union were I instantly fell in love! MB sang beautifully! Sounded just like his cd's and he is actually funny! And the icing on the cake..............Chris really enjoyed himself so it made it all worth it!! It was a great night!

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Just Tera said...

Oh I am SO jealous. I adore him. Glad you had a great time.