Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Somebody shoot me now!

My day in a nutshell...

Sam, strep throat.

Me, viral infection of some sort that has knocked me on my ass since Sunday.

I have a wound on my pinky finger that I got at Walmart trying to stop my car door from smashing into the car parked next to me. And when I say wound, I mean an open gash that is so disgusting that I almost passed out driving kind of wound!

I hit my picket fence backing out of my driveway.

Jackson went to the vet today for his annual physical. $345 later and 3 lumps tested, but thankfully came back ok, not like my checkbook who went into cardiac arrest.........

Let's go back to sam and end the day on a vomiting spree.........

Please tell me I am dreaming! Pinch me now and wake my butt up cause I don't want to be in this dream anymore!!!!!!

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