Monday, October 15, 2007

Thoughts on the day

This may be long but I need to let it out.

Do you remember me telling you about the X-Man rule for our football league? If a player is over 100lbs, they will have an X on their helmet and can only play OTHER X-MEN? Do you remember me telling you that I got Christopher up every morning at 6 a.m. to walk with me so he wouldn't be an X-MAn?
Well, we had our huge game yesterday against our biggest rivals and they had 2 X-men. We have none. So when the coaches approached our coaches w/ the rosters, Chris (he is our head coach) said, I'm sorry but we have no x-men so your 2 guys cannot play. They said all the other coaches let them and it wasn't a problem. Chris said , I'm sorry it is in the rule book, I can't do it. They were pissed. They wouldn't even shake Chris's hand at the end of the game, nice sportsmanship to show your kids, HUH?
So we wake up this morning to all kinds of e-mails from The Adams coaches. I found out that they broke the rule by playing some player longer than they should have (sorry, I don't know all the rules so that is the best reason I can give _And the commisioner said Chris should have been a little more slack with the rule Hello, you made up this rule. A rule is a fucking rule! I am so pissed off right now, you have no Idea! Then to top the day off.....we have a new player so he neede to be weighed before he played yesterday. Chris and I both set up the appt. with the commissioner for 9 a.m. yesterday in Pittsfield, (a 20 min drive), he had met the mother and son there and guess who doesn't show up.....The Commissioner. So Chris called him and he took the weight over the phone. Which is not proper protocal and he knows it. Thanks for letting me get this out. But the e-mail from one of the mothers really pissed me off.

So my horoscope, I think, is appropriate for today.

You cut to the chase more than once today, letting people know exactly what's on your mind without all the ceremony. Most appreciate it, but a few might be taken aback. They'll get over it soon!

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