Sunday, April 29, 2007

Busy week....

Well, Chris and I went to Mohegan Sun for an overnight and that was quite the adventure. We got lost going to the hotel, I got sick, we don't know if it was a bug or food problems...coleslaw,heehee!!! Then, someone opened our adjoining room door and freaked us out so I couldn't sleep all night. But the upside is we Won!! We came home w/ our $8oo and $300 extra! So that was a plus, finally!

I've been feeling crappy all week so hopefully I had the flu and didn't even know it! LOL! Our handyman George has been here all week. We are turning our garage into a den. It is coming along quicker than I thought.

Baseball has officially begun. Chris is head coach for Christopher, Asst. Coach for Sam and Zak has a scrimmage game tonight. So looks like we are keeping busy.

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