Monday, March 05, 2007

A friend.....

Happy Birthday, Madeline!!!
Enjoy your day!!

I found this poem and I really liked it.

Without a friend like you
by Becca

Everyone needs a friend,
to love them through the years,
to help them laugh when they wanna cry,
to wipe away their tears.
someone who's there,
who they can call,
to pick them up,when they trip and fall.
for me, you are that person,that very special one,
you make me smile with all your ways,
so full of life and fun,
you have been here for me,since the very word go,
and it means more to me,
than you could ever know.
you offered me your shoulder,whenever i wanted to cry,
took me under your wings,when i was too scared to fly.
you're such a special person,
a friend thats just for me,
and without your strength, support and love,i don't know where I'd be.
i want to say a thank you,
for helping me get through,
and if you ever need me,I'd do anything for you.
when you laugh,I'll laugh too,
when you cry,I'll cry,
when you're scared,I'll hold your hand,
and watch your fears pass by.
when you want to talk,I'll hear what you have to say,
I'll forever sit by your side,and never will i stray.
if you need anything,
there's nothing i wouldn't do,cause where would i be in this world,without a friend like you?

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