Saturday, August 06, 2005

Our mini vacation...

We stayed at The Plymouth Sands and our room had a balcony that overlooked the ocean.

We had a good time. The houses in Plymouth are beautiful. I have always liked the look of the little beach cottages but these were Beach Mansions! The weather cooperated with us and we spent alot of time at the beach and pool.
Only two accidents. Sam fell out of bed the first night, oops. And Christopher dropped a huge rock on his toe at the beach so Chris had to go get the lifeguard cause we neede tweezers to get out a tiny piece of stone that got into his foot. Fun for everybody.

On the way home, we stopped at a service area to get lunch and bathroom breaks and who did we see? Michael and Barbara! What a small world. They were on their way home from Maine. It amazes me that things like this happen. It's a crazy world.

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